If you are set up in Red Marker as an approver, you'll receive an email notifying you that a document has been submitted for Approval.


By clicking on Go to document, you will be taken directly to the document for approval.

Tip! If you are an approver for multiple companies, you will be taken and logged into the right company.

Once you are in Red Marker, you can review the document and decide the next step. By clicking on Approval in Progress you can select from the drop down menu:

Mark as Approved: This will approve the document and either notify the next scheduled approver that the document is ready for their approval, or let the document submitter know that their document has been approved

If the document has reached it's final stage of approval, the status will change to Approval Completed.

Mark as Approved + Add an Approver: If you are approving the document, but would like an additional approver who is not currently in the approval set up to review the document, you can add an approver. This will then notify the added approver that you have requested for them to approve the document.

Mark as Not Approved: If you do not think the document is ready for approval, you can not approve the document. Once you have not approved the document, the submitter will be notified that the document has not been approved. You will have an opportunity to provide feedback that will be sent along with the notification, so the submitter can understand why the document was not approved.

Learn more about submitting a document for approval, and other Tips & Tricks in the approval process.

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