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How to submit a document for Approvals
How to submit a document for Approvals

A guide to getting a document approved using Red Marker's approvals feature

Written by Emily Mickan
Updated over a week ago

If your organisation uses Red Marker to manage it's document approval process, here's how to submit a document for approval.

When you upload a document, you'll be prompted to select your Approval process. (If your business uses categorisation, this will be on the same screen).

Tip! Your approval process is the steps the document will need to take to be approved, and will be set up for you in Red Marker. Please ensure you are familiar with your approval processes and which process needs to be selected for each document you are submitting for approval.


When you have selected your approval process, press Review Document.

Your document will then be uploaded and reviewed with Red Marker's custom risk detection rules, and you'll be taken to the Red Marker review page. You can follow your normal review processes, and when the document is ready for approval, you can start the approval process by selecting Start Approval.

This will change the status of the document to Approval in Progress.

Red Marker will email the next approver to let them know that there is a document requiring their approval.

To learn more about approving a document, here's our guide to Approving a Document, plus we have Tips & Tricks for using Approvals.

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