Once you have deployed the Microsoft Word Add-In, it can be used to apply Red Marker's custom Risk Detection login to your document as you work on it.

To do so:

Click the Red Marker Add-In Icon to launch it. You will see a task pane open on the right hand side of your page.

Click 'check content'

This will prompt you to login with Red Marker credentials, and once you have done so, will apply your custom risk detection rules to the document.

Once the rules have been applied, you will see the list of the rules that have triggered in the task pane.

You can click on the each of the Red Marker items to be taken to the relevant content in the document (indicated by highlighting - below in grey). From there you can review the content in the document against the rule that has triggered and decide whether to dismiss the rule fire by clicking the trash icon or change the content within the document.

When you've made any necessary changes and amendments, you can apply the rules again by pressing 'Review again' in the task pane.

Please note, at this stage Red Marker does not review tracked changes or comments.

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