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Red Marker's Integration with Asana
How to Integrate Red Marker and Asana
How to Integrate Red Marker and Asana

What you’ll need to do to integrate Red Marker with Asana.

Written by Emily Mickan
Updated over a week ago

Red Marker has developed an integration using the Asana API that will allow you to access the Red Marker review within your Asana instance.

You can set up this integration using OAuth or a Personal Access Token.


To set up the integration using OAuth, you will need to invite Red Marker to be a user within your Asana account. This user's member type must be at minimum 'member'. Please contact Red Marker so we can provide you with the correct email address. This will provide us with access to Asana's API so we can listen for attached marketing documents to review.

Personal Access Token

To set up the integration, you will need to provide Red Marker with a Personal Access Token (PAT). A PAT can be generated in the developer console by selecting 'New access token'.

To find the developer console click 'Manage Developer Apps' from within the 'Apps' tab in 'My Profile Settings'.

Once you have provided Red Marker with Access to your Asana instance using one of the above methods, you will then need to create a custom field in each new project. This custom field can be added at any time to any project documents will be attached that will then be reviewed by Red Marker

To create the custom field you will need to:

  1. Open an existing project in Asana or create a new project

  2. Navigate to the Add Field button.

  3. Select the ‘Drop Down’ field from the available options.

  4. Name the field ‘RM Review’ and create two options Yes RMR and No RMR (these must match exactly)

You will need to create the custom field on each new and existing project requiring the use of Red Marker review.

You are now ready to create tasks and attach documents to be sent for review. To learn more about how to use the integration you can see our how to guides:

Visit Asana's partner page for Red Marker for more information.

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