In order to utilise the Red Marker review within Asana, please first ensure that the integration is enabled. You can learn more about enabling the review in our guide on How to Integrate Red Marker and Asana.

Once your integration is enabled, to access the Red Marker Review you will need to:

  1. Create a new project or open an existing project

  2. Navigate to the Add Field button.

  3. Select ‘Drop Down’ field from the options. Name the field RM Review and create two options Yes RMR and No RMR (these must match exactly)

You only need to create the field once per project. Once it has been created, you can use the tag on as many documents are attached to tasks with the project.

You will need to create the field on every project you wish to access the Red Marker review.

Once the integration has been enabled on a project, see how our How to use your Asana Integration guide for how to access the Red Marker review from Asana.

Visit Asana's partner page for Red Marker for more information.

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