The new performance page provides enriched data and visually appealing charts and graphs to display key Red Marker metrics on user activity, identified risks, document uploads, pending reviews and more!

This article is divided into the correlating sections of the performance page, so you can easily find the information you are looking for.


Different user types have select access to information within the performance page.

  • As a Client Admin User, you can view all users stats, risks identified across all documents and rule performance

  • As a Standard User, you can see how many risks were identified across documents and how the rules are performing.

If you are unsure of your user permissions, please reach out to your Client Success Manager.

My team

The My team table provides an overview across all users, including:

  1. Number of Logins

  2. How many documents were uploaded

  3. How many reviews were completed

  4. How many reviews are still pending

Filters may be applied for user, App or Add-ins and date range.

Note: The filter default setting will display data on ‘All users’ who have used ‘Red Marker App' within the ‘Last 7 days’.

Metrics for the Red Marker Word Add-in and PowerPoint Add-in are now available and can be accessed through the drop-down filter on this page!

To view how many documents were sent to Red Marker from the Microsoft Word Add-In or PowerPoint Add-in, please select the appropriate filter:

If you would like further information about accessing the Red Marker Word Add-in or PowerPoint Add-in, please contact your Client Success Manager.

To download the My team metrics in .csv format, please click the download icon:

Document Performance

The Document Performance section provides insight across following:

  • Number of uploaded documents

  • Total risks found across all documents

  • Average risks found across all documents

  • Median review time to review documents

Note: This doesn’t include Word Add-in and Power Point Add-in review times.

The percentage trends are the difference between the selected time frame and the same preceding time frame. i.e. it will be the percentage difference between the selected last 7 days, and the 7 days before that.

Risk Breakdown Graph

The document performance section also provides insight by graphical representation detailing the following metrics:

  • Risks identified

  • Dismissed rules

  • Risks which are yet to be resolved

You can view Risk breakdown on this chart by "Total" or "Average" based on your self-selected date range.

Trend Analysis: Over a designated time period, you can observe the percentage change in risks detected, as well the percentage change in median time spent reviewing documents. A downward trend in percentage would indicate efficiency gains.

Rule Performance

The rule performance page provides insight on how each rule is performing by providing these metrics:

  • Number of active rules

  • Average rules triggered per document

The Rule breakdown table includes:

  1. Name of the rule

  2. Description of the rule

  3. Average Risks per document

  4. Dismissal percentage (how many times a rule was dismissed)

Trend Analysis: Rule performance trends can be indicative of rule optimisations that can be made to ensure the rules are as performant as possible. (i.e. If there is an ongoing % increase in the amount of times a rule was dismissed, we can review this rule as required for its efficacy)

To download the Rule breakdown metrics in .csv format, please click the download icon:

If you have any questions regarding the performance page, please reach out to your Client Success Manager or use the Intercom button in Red Marker to contact support.

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