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Red Marker Word Add-in: Data and Security Information
Red Marker Word Add-in: Data and Security Information

A guide to how the Red Marker Word Add-in handles data and security

Written by Emily Mickan
Updated over a week ago

When using the Red Marker Word Add-in, the user needs to login to their Red Marker account. They then need to initiate a Red Marker review by clicking the 'Review Content' button.

This then collects the text that is currently available in the open document in their Microsoft Word window and sends it to Red Marker using a secured API. This text data is handled securely; in the same way as uploaded files or crawled web content. All incoming data is encrypted in transit, and data at rest is also encrypted using industry best practices. We ensure our infrastructure is secure at all times; testing and monitoring specifically for security.

The Add-in also sends the native document (docx) to Red Marker using the same secured API. The same data handling and security applies to these documents.

Here is a visual example:

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