Red Marker has identified some best practices for users to follow when creating sentence similarity rules. Each bold headline below is followed by key recommendations to ensure the sentence similarity rule is properly triggered.

Disclaimer variations:

It is recommended to start with 5 non-compliant examples and 5 compliant examples in a rule so that Red Marker can determine if a section of text is more similar to a non-compliant or compliant example.

Non-compliant Example: Save $1000 annually with our low-rate credit cards.

Compliant Example: You could save up to $1000 annually with our low-rate credit cards.

When Red Marker scans a document, a sentence will need to be less than 70% similar to a provided compliant example for the platform to trigger the rule, identifying the sentence within your document as non-compliant.

Similar threshold:

Red Marker has a 70% similarity threshold when determining whether a sentence in a document is compliant or non-compliant.

What this means, is that out of all the examples you provide, if a document sentence is most similar to a compliant example, the sentence will be considered compliant. If a sentence within a document is most similar to a non-compliant example and above the 70% similarity threshold with a non-compliant example, it will be considered non-compliant and the rule will trigger.

If you would like some assistance in creating these rules, please reach out to our support team via intercom chat, email or visit

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