Red Marker has identified some best practices for users when creating disclaimer rules. Each bold headline below is followed by key recommendations to ensure the disclaimer or attempted disclaimer rule is properly triggered.

Trigger terms:

You may use as many trigger terms as you would like, however, it is best to choose very specific words which directly cause the disclaimer requirements, rather than vague words that may be used in many contexts.

Trigger words or phrase length:

Red Marker does not have trigger word or phrase length constraints, however, if a trigger word can be used in another context where a disclaimer would not be required on that document, then it is best to pair this trigger word with other words that better indicate the requirement of a disclaimer. e.g. instead of "best" use "best credit card".

Disclaimer length:

The preferred length of a disclaimer is 2-4 sentences.

Disclaimer prefixes or superscripts:

Red Marker currently only supports *, ^ or footer numbers as specific prefixes and these can be included in your approved disclaimer.

However, you do not need to add a prefix to your acceptable disclaimer, if the prefix is variable.

Disclaimer variations:

You may provide as many or as few disclaimer variations as needed.

Missing and Added text:
Missing and added text will not show if there are more than approximately 110-120 characters difference.

Threshold criterion:

Any section of text which is at least 60% similar to an approved disclaimer will be returned as an attempted disclaimer.

Case sensitivity:

Both trigger and disclaimer terms are case insensitive.

Date and number formats:

When using date and number formats, there should be an example date or number added to the approved disclaimer. Any differences in these dates/numbers will be filtered out from the rule results. Any conventional date or number format should be used, e.g. '4', '4.0', '4/5/2020', '2021-05-06'.

Note: This is different to the advanced disclaimer rules where Red Marker shows all the differences in dates and numbers.

If you would like assistance with creating these rules, please reach out to our support team via intercom chat, email or visit

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