Once your organisation has centrally installed Red Marker and made the Add-In available to your users, each user will need to add the Add-in to their Word instance, so they can apply Red Marker's custom risk detection to their content as they work on it.

As a user, to add the Add-In to your Microsoft Word:

  • Make sure you have the Microsoft Word desktop app. If you don't already have this installed, log into Office 365 with your credentials at https://www.office.com. In the top right of the page when you login, you should see a button "Download Office Apps". Click on that and download Office.

  • Once MS Word is installed, open it, and log in with your credentials

  • Once logged in, navigate to Insert > Add-ins, then click on My Add-ins:

  • This will open a new Office Add-ins window, where you can navigate to 'Admin Managed'. Here, click 'Refresh' and then select 'Red Marker'. This will add the Red Marker Add-in to the ribbon of your home toolbar. If you can't see it immediately, go to the far right of the toolbar and click the dropdown arrow. You should see the Add-in under the heading 'Red Marker'.

  • Click the Add-in icon to start it. You will see a task pane open on the right hand side of the page. Click 'check content', login with your Red Marker credentials, and start reviewing!

To learn more, refer to our Guide on How to use the Red Marker Microsoft Word Add-in.

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