Are you trying to leave comments on your reviewed document in Red Marker using the Comment text tool and the comment boxes are appearing empty?

We're aware that this can happen, and here are some instructions to ensure your comment is saved:

  1. Click on the Comment button on the text tools tool bar

  2. Click on the document where you want the comment to be which will create a comment field on the left. The field will have 'Comment..' in it.

  3. Immediately write your comment in this field and press save

If you click outside or away from this box before writing your comment, it will automatically save the Comment as Empty and the field changes to 'Reply...'.

If your comment does save as Empty, you can actually Edit the comment to ensure your comment saves in the right place.

To do this:

Press on the ellipses menu on the right and select Edit from the dropdown menu

This will return the box to a Comment field:

Now you can add your comment and press save to save your comment:

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