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What are the roles available to your users and what are each of these roles' permitted to do?

Written by Emily Mickan
Updated over a week ago

When a user is created in Red Marker, they must each be assigned a role. The role dictates whether the user can see and interact with certain features in the Red Marker App. This article explains the difference between these roles.

Standard User

A Standard User can login to Red Marker, upload materials to Red Marker, complete the review, add comments and annotations to a document, download reports and access the performance report.

In the Red Marker App, Standard users can:

  • View documents uploaded by all users (including Admin users and Solo Reviewers)

  • Upload a document to the App

  • Conduct a review

    • Change the name of the uploaded file

    • Dismiss risks triggered by content in the document (these risks are grayed out but are stored in the database for reporting purposes)

    • Leave comments on the document

    • Mark the document as ‘Reviewed’

    • Download an annotated PDF of the document displaying risks found in the document

  • Interact with Reviewed documents uploaded by other users

    • Annotate and leave comments and replies on other users’ documents

    • Dismiss risks, and restore risks dismissed by other users

    • Mark documents as reviewed

    • Share documents with colleagues

    • Edit document name

    • Download an Annotated PDF copy of any document reviewed by any user in the App

  • Delete any document (deleted documents are removed from view but are saved in the database if they later need to be restored)

  • View the Performance tab in the App, including metrics about how often rules fire and how many document have been uploaded (the ‘Rule Performance’ and ‘Document Performance’ tables)

Additional functionality is available to Standard Users if the relevant features or plug ins are available for their organization:

  • Standard Users can initiate a request for a document to be Approved and see the status of their request

  • Standard Users who are designated as Approvers can receive requests to review and Approve (or reject) a document

  • Standard Users can undertake a review on a document using one of the Red Marker Add-Ins for Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Figma, or Google Docs and send a copy of the reviewed document to the Red Marker App

Admin User

Admin Users have the same permissions as a Standard User, plus certain administrative functions for their organization’s account. This includes creating users, assigning permissions and deactivating users when required.

Admin users can:

  • Manage users on the Users tab

    • View, create and delete users for their organization

    • Amend users’ roles, such as by upgrading a Standard User to an Admin User

    • Reset users’ passwords

    • Control user’s access to companies affiliated with your organization’s account

  • View the Rules tab

    • Create, edit and/or activate simple risk detection rules

    • Delete and/or deactivate simple risk detection rules

    • View basic information for advanced risk detection rules

  • View and delete web scanning reports

  • View all sections of the Performance tab (including the ‘My Team’, ‘Document Performance’ and ‘Rule Performance’ metrics)

Read-Only Users

Read-Only users are team members who only need to see what is being uploaded and actioned in Red Marker, but do not need to upload, review or annotate documents themselves.

Read-only users can:

  • View documents

    • View comments and annotations made by other users

    • Share, download and print a document

  • Download Annotated PDFs

Read-only users cannot:

  • Upload documents for review

  • Edit or annotate documents

  • View or create rules on the Rules tab

  • View or edit users on the Users tab

  • View web scanning reports

  • Use the Red Marker Add-ins, including Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Figma

  • View the Performance tab

Solo Reviewer

Solo Reviewers are used when you only want users to see their own content. Content uploaded by Solo Reviewers can be seen by Admin Users and Standard USers.

  • Upload documents

  • View and download copies of the documents they uploaded (they cannot view or download documents uploaded by any other user)

  • Review their own document

    • Dismiss and restore identified risks in documents

    • Annotate and leave comments on document

    • Mark document as reviewed

  • Share, upload and download document, edit document name, print and delete

  • Use the Red Marker Add-ins for Microsoft Powerpoint and Word to review documents / presentations

Solo Reviewer users cannot:

  • View, review, edit or delete other users’ documents

  • Access rules, web reports or performance dashboard pages

If your business has access to multiple companies within Red Marker, users of all role types can have access to one, some or all of these companies.

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