You can find the rules page by going to the 'Rules' tab in the navbar. The rules page gives you a place to view all of your active rules, and also offers the ability to create your own rules.

There are two main types of rules - non-editable rules, and editable rules:

  • Non-editable rules: These are all the rules that are built for you and managed internally by Red Marker. You will notice that these rules are automatically set live and that you are unable to edit or make changes to the rule. Each row represents a rule that is being actively applied to your uploaded content, with information such as name, description, status, and created date detailed in the table.
    If you have any questions or want to make changes to these rules, please contact Red Marker.

  • Editable rules: Editable rules are rules that you can create and edit yourself. To learn more about how to create these rules, check out our article - How can I create my own rules?

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