Traditionally, our implementation consultants create and optimize rules based on requirements outlined by you. After this period, any rule adjustment requests from you are made by one of our implementation consultants. However, we have received feedback that you would like more control and autonomy over this process for many reasons - including time, effort, control, and visibility.

As such, we are now offering the ability to create and manage your own rules in Red Marker! The first kind of rule you will be able to build is a 'sentence similarity' rule, where you provide examples of non-compliant sentences that you want Red Marker to find, as well as any compliant sentences which you want Red Marker to ignore. Our technology will use these examples to find similar non-compliant content in your documents.

This rule type allows you to start using Red Marker with just a few examples. All other rules are currently created by one of our implementation consultants, but we will be adding more 'create-your-own' rule types soon, so stay tuned!

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