Once you have created a review, you can start editing your document. First, select one of the annotations from the panel on the right. This will highlight the section in the document that the annotation is referring to.

The annotation will give an explanation of why the content was highlighted, and what action to take. Clicking 'learn more' will show more information about why that content was highlighted.

To hide an annotation, click the 'dismiss' button in the bottom right of the annotation.

Once you've found the content, the next step is updating it. Once you edit the content as per the feedback, you can resync the highlights by clicking the 'Review again' button at the bottom of the panel.

TIP: To see annotations you have dismissed, click the 'more options' dropdown in the header menu, then click 'Show history'.

If you haven't installed the Google Docs extension yet, learn how to in our support article Google Docs: How do I get the extension.

Please note the Google Docs extension can't be used on .docx files that are opened in Google Docs.

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