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Red Marker's Integration with Google Docs
Google Docs: How do I create a review?
Google Docs: How do I create a review?

A step by step guide for reviewing a Google Doc with Red Marker

Written by Emily Mickan
Updated over a week ago

Once you have installed the Red Marker Chrome extension for Google Docs, the next step is to review your draft material! First, open the Google Docs document you want to review, then click the Red Marker extension icon at the top right of the Chrome toolbar. This will open the Red Marker panel on the right-hand side of the page.

Next, you will need to log into your Red Marker account by clicking the 'Login' button. This will open a new tab where you can log into the Red Marker app. (If you have access to multiple companies, please make sure you are logged in to the correct company to ensure the right rules are applied to your document).

Once logged in, you will be automatically redirected back to your Google doc. You will see a 'check content' button in the panel.

Click 'check content' to review your document. Once the review is complete, a list of triggers will appear in the panel.

NOTE: If the review finds no content, you will see a message 'Looks good! No issues found'.

To learn more about how to review the content, check out our guide on How to Review your Document.

If you haven't installed the Google Docs extension yet, learn how to in our support article Google Docs: How do I get the extension.

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