Red Marker uses some terms in a manner specific to our system. Here’s a guide to some of those terms and what they mean in a Red Marker context:

Requirements: Your compliance requirements, usually made up of your compliance checklist items

Rules: When we automate your compliance requirements and build them into Red Marker, these becomes rules.

Optimisation: A process of refining your rules to ensure they are highly performant (this process includes collecting feedback from the users on the performance of the rules).

Trigger: A piece of content (a word, phrase, etc.); or the absence of a required piece of content which alerts Red Marker that there is a potential compliance risk in the document

Passed: The status of a rule in a document review if there is no content in a document which triggers that rule.

Failed: The status of a rule in a document review if there is content in that document which triggers the rule.

Feedback: If a rule fails, Red Marker will provide a suggested action to remedy to potential compliance risk. This is the feedback.

Annotation: The feedback will appear on the reviewed document as an annotation, as well any other comments or marks up made by a user.

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