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A guide to the Review Page Tool Bar
A guide to the Review Page Tool Bar

An article to explain what the review page tools are, and how to use them.

Written by Emily Mickan
Updated over a week ago

Red Marker provides you with functionality for to annotate (or mark up) the PDF document easily via our Tool Bar. All of these annotations will be saved in the platform, and will be in the document when downloaded from the platform.

You can find the Tool Bar in the the top right hand corner of the Red Marker review page:

In this article we will go through what each of these icons mean and how to use them.

Pan Tool

By selecting the Hand Icon, this allows you to grab the document and scroll quickly by using your mouse to move up or down the page.

Select Tool

The Select tool, symbolised by the Cursor icon, allows you to choose text within the document to either copy or add emphasis to the selected text.

To use this tool, click on the select tool, and then click and drag over the relevant text, releasing the click when you have covered all the required text. A box will pop up with the copy and text tool options, click on your preferred action and it will apply this to the select text (i.e. by selecting copy, it will copy the selected text; or by selecting strike-through, it will apply a strike-through to the selected text.)

Zoom Options

You can use the plus and minus symbols to increase and decrease the zoom of the document respectively.

By using the drop down next to the zoom percentage, you can adjust the zoom of the document this way, including by selecting Fit to width or Fit to page.

Freehand Tools

The Freehand Tool allows your to freehand draw in the available colours on the document. Freehand drawings do not create a comment box in the annotation pane on the left hand side.

Text Tools

Text tools allow you to annotate the document by applying highlight, straight underline, squiggle underline and strike-through to selected text. To do so, click on the A symbol and select the emphasis you would like to use from the menu. Then, using your cursor, select the text you want to apply the emphasis to - it will apply in real time as you move your cursor around. Once you have applied the emphasis to your selected text, this will create a comment in the review pane where you can provide your feedback or annotation. Don't forget to click reply to save your comment once you have finished writing it.

Shape Tools

Rectangle Tool

By clicking on the rectangle icon and selecting the rectangle icon from the drop down menu, you can draw a rectangle shape on the document, drawing attention to the text or image within the shape

This will automatically create a comment box in the middle pane, which you can use to provide an annotation to the box you have drawn. By clicking on the lines of the box, you will be given the option to provide an annotation by clicking on the Comment icon which will open the reply box in the middle pane, or you can use the trash can icon to delete the box you have drawn.

Arrow Tool

The Arrow Tool allows you to draw an arrow on the document to draw attention to a text or an image.

Callout Tool

The Callout Tool enables you to specifically place a box with an arrow attached to it to provide an instruction or annotation on the document

You can see on the left hand side that the callout box also creates a comment in the feedback pane on the left hand side.

Free Text

The Free Text tool allows you to leave an editable comment on your document. The comment will then be added as an annotation as well.

This is a great way to provide feedback and large blocks of text like disclaimers.


The Comment tool allows you to leave a comment on any part of the document. This option is particularly useful for annotating images or leaving comments that are relevant to the document as a whole.

To leave a comment, select the Comment tool option, and click on the part of the document you want to annotate. This will add a comment icon to this location and open a comment box in the middle pane for you to add your annotation to. Make sure you click Reply once you have finished writing your annotation.


To search the document, enter a words or phrase into the search bar and press enter. Use the forward and back arrows to navigate to the next or previous occurrence of the word or phrase.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Support Team by emailing

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