Performance and Governance Information
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The Performance and Governance service includes (as amended from time to time):

  • Attend Performance and Governance Sessions meeting on agreed frequency (as per the Order) covering all Products/Checklists. Performance and Governance sessions will discuss the performance and maintenance of the automated compliance requirements that have been built into Red Marker.

  • Maintain current Compliance Checklist Master (or equivalent) as implemented in Red Marker

  • Provide a summary of requirement operations over the previous period.

  • Review and discuss necessary changes to checklists and compliance requirements, including Red Marker generated feedback.

  • Agree scope of compliance requirement modifications and/or new compliance requirements that need to be built.

  • Requirement modifications will be implemented within 1 month of agreement of scope and provision of samples by the client. Examples of requirement modifications include: changes to a disclaimer of an existing rule, changes to feedback of existing requirement etc.

  • For new requirements, a quote and schedule for implementation will be provided on a time and materials basis. Examples of new requirements: a completely new checklist requirement, a major rebuild of a group of requirements due to checklist changes etc.

  • Provide documentation of Governance and Performance session outcomes/actions including meeting minutes.

  • Provide training on the use of Red Marker platform biannually for 90 minutes on request.

  • Provide thought leadership session on AI/ML/NLP by Red Marker on request and subject to availability.

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