Web scanning with Red Marker (as amended from time to time):

Things we're great at doing

  • Extracting content from either server and browser rendered sites
  • Searching publically available websites, including pages you don't own or publically available social media pages
  • Finding additional pages to scrape using links on the website
  • Discovering related domains based on Google keyword searches
  • Collect Google Ads from Google's search page

Things that make it more challenging to give great results

  • Websites that have restrictive scaping policies
  • Websites that require security credentials (e.g. secure login access)
  • Dynamically injected into a webpage via JavaScript (such as Google maps, dynamically rendered graphs and charts, CAPTCHA images and in some cases, navigation links)
  • CSS images (such as background images and social media icons)
  • Videos or Audio files
  • Links to external websites or external content
  • Websites with a lot of PDFs
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