Digital marketing content must be in the Red Marker File Specification (as amended from time to time):

How to get the best from Red Marker

  • PDFs: The PDF should be created using the export or save as function from the application in which the underlying campaign asset was created (typically Adobe InDesign or Adobe Photoshop).

  • doc(x), and ppt(x) files. These files should be created directly from the source program (Microsoft word, TextEdit). Other ppt(x) files must be generated directly from the source program (Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides). Note we convert these files into PDFs when uploaded.

  • jpg/png. Image files can be uploaded and reviewed as long as the resolution is reasonable. Generally, if you can read it, we can read it. (Note we convert these files into PDFs when uploaded.)

  • The recommended resolution for images/pdfs for accurate text detection is 1024x768.

  • Content must be in the ‘near-final’ format that it will be sent to the recipient that includes all details of the offer, applicable disclaimers, print-ready formatting and layout, images etc.

  • Placeholder elements to indicate a variable field that will be included in the document production process (such as <offer_date> or <xx December 2018>)

  • Single files with different campaign assets have one campaign per page.

  • PDF created for direct mail campaign assets in the format of a single or bi-fold letter.

Things that make it more challenging to give great results

  • PDFs created by printing out a copy and then scanning that copy back in. The text in these scans can be overlayed using OCR extraction, but accuracy is subject to limitations of the OCR capabilities.

  • Cover sheets, comments, notes, instructions or text in mark-up/revision mode, print markings that are not going to be included in final content received by the customer.

  • An indication within the content of different offers to different segments (eg, [Offer to segment 1 - $50 annual fee discount], [Offer to segment 2 - $99 annual fee discount]).

  • Content in revision-mode (with underscored text) or containing cover sheets, comments using Adobe comment or notes functionality, instructions within the document or print markings.

  • Multiple campaign assets on a page.

  • Unicode characters.

  • Text presented in interactive PDF forms.

  • Text layouts such as font style, use of italics, use of particular style sheet.

  • PDF created for direct mail campaign assets in the format of a tri or four-fold letters may not extract at all or in the order in which a recipient will typically read the letter.



  • Generate PDFs directly from the source program (Adobe In-design, Photoshop) using save/export. Generate doc(x) files directly from the source program (Microsoft word, TextEdit). Generate ppt(x) files directly from source program (Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides).


  • Each content format type must be provided to confirm compatibility.

Note: Each new content type and channel will need to be agreed with Red Marker with the relevant rules built, appropriate testing and optimisation.

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