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Logging into Red Marker
Logging into Red Marker

How to get started with Red Marker

Written by Emily Mickan
Updated over a week ago

To log into Red Marker, navigate to (AU), (US), or (EMEA). We recommend using Google Chrome for your browser as this will give you the best experience using Red Marker.

If your organisation has not set up Single Sign On with Red Marker, you will need to login on the right side, under: Sign in with your email and password.

Enter your email address and your Red Marker password and click Sign in.

If your organisation has established Single Sign On and this has been set up with Red Marker, you should enter your Corporate Email on the left side, under: Sign in with your corporate ID and click Sign in.

If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot your password? on the login page to have a password reset email sent to you.  You can also message us via the chat icon in the bottom right of this page to request a password reset.

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